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In late 2018, Allstream had disparate marketing tools and information living in different places with different teams – and no cohesive way to tie together and understand the impact of marketing activities. Allstream was rebooting its marketing practice and wanted to move towards a more intelligent deployment model — one that would leverage new capabilities, provide more context and visibility, and gain a dimensional view of impact.

Titan ONE Solution

Titan brought Allstream onto HubSpot, which included:

  • Full contact level tracking to consolidate social, paid, website, email marketing and email tracking
  • Automation to ensure proactive, customer-centric responses to new enquiries
  • Live marketing chat + chatbot
  • Offer promotion mechanism
  • CTA buttons with smart A/B testing
  • Revised conversion flow with visibility into hand-off and status
  • Access to sales tools for bus dev reps, including support for email tracking, calendar booking, and prospect page visit alerts
  • Integration with Salesforce (mapping individual properties for bi-directional sync)
  • Branded email marketing and landing page templates (campaigns, conversion paths)
  • More personalized, segmented content delivery
  • Automated monthly metrics report
  • Ongoing monthly support for all things HubSpot, in addition to Titan ONE strategy, creative and content support


By wrapping HubSpot around Salesforce as a marketing layer, Allstream was able to take advantage of functionality that provided a consolidated view of their marketing ecosystem. This also made it possible to offer more personalized customer and prospect experiences at scale, while tying back to an improved contact-level understanding of attribution.

This data was incorporated into our rolling strategic reporting support. Which tracked performance against goals with MoM and MoY visibility, data-driven recommendations, and examples of contact level experiences leveraging HubSpot’s consolidated timeline view of attribution activities (email, ads, page visits, social, chat), as well as the hand-off to sales.


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