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Strategic Reporting



As Allstream rebooted its marketing efforts in 2018 – which included a move into marketing automation – the desire to evaluate, understand and optimize the impact of those activities in a standardized way was needed.

Titan ONE Solution.

Titan ideated and delivered a standardized reporting framework which included:

Master dashboard:

  • A detailed single-point-of-truth hub that included comprehensive data from Google Analytics, HubSpot and SalesForce – and showed New Contacts, MQLs, SQLs, MRR and TCV with conversion rates and Mom/YoY views)

Monthly scorecard:

  • An executive summary of the most salient elements to be shared internally every month.

Monthly strategic reporting deck:

  • A monthly deep dive into the metrics leading to insights and optimization recommendations
  • Looking at trends, wins, and challenges
  • Measuring engagement with campaigns and gated content
  • Looking at organic, paid, direct, social and email
  • ‘Portrait of a Customer’ and ‘Portrait of a Prospect’ - profiles of actual people who interacted with the content/website, leveraging HubSpot to understand the activities that led them towards Allstream, and referencing LinkedIn to learn more about who they are



By creating a unified process and format for measurement and optimization, we were able to collectively advance a shared understanding of how various marketing efforts work together to drive growth and opportunity for Allstream. This was rooted in tying overarching strategy to a practical on-the-ground perspective through which practical decisions could be made. By leveraging the power of HubSpot, we were able to weave in a view of individual experiences that allowed us to understand and assess the impact and quality of those experiences. This allowed us to highlight areas for improvement and benchmark progress.


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