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TFSA vs. RRSP Video



Tangerine Bank – which has a long history of providing helpful, user-friendly content to its audience – was looking for a way to educate its audience about the difference between RSP and TFSA savings accounts.

Titan ONE Solution.

To bring this content to life in a new way, Titan ideated a hybrid live-action and animated video. The life-action portion was recorded in one shooting day at Tangerine's Head Office, leveraging employees. The animated portion was scripted to explain key concepts in a digestible way. The narration was done for both English and French edits.



Tangerine leveraged this video as part of a wider paid campaign. With over 330K views, it continues to help explain the difference between TFSAs vs. RSPs to customers and prospects.


Services:  Creative - Video

One partner.

  • Strategy + Execution

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