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In 2021, Concentra Bank made a bold change. Amidst market changes and shifts in consumer behaviour, the financial institution rebranded to Wyth Financial. As a newly launched direct-to-consumer bank in the hyper-competitive space, it also needed to have content that would get noticed by the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message. Titan ONE was enlisted to help produce strategic blog content supporting Wyth’s objectives to drive customer engagement.

Titan ONE Solution.

Kicking off with a strategic editorial session, Titan ONE explored how Wyth’s content would fit into the campaign roadmap. The team learned about corporate objectives, departmental goals and definitions of success. Titan got to know the Wyth’s key buyer personas, which would be an integral component of targeting within the blog content, and reviewed all existing customer-facing product material that could be connected. 

The outcome of this strategic step was a comprehensive editorial plan that outlined each content piece to produce, stages of the buyer’s journey and audiences they would target, along with timelines for production. Also included was an SEO keyword plan for each piece and an overarching content map to connect all the content together as part of a pillar/cluster strategy that would improve Wyth’s search engine performance.



Titan ONE’s account management ran the project end-to-end with the copy team to produce over 35 strategically written blog articles — each seamlessly fitting into the Wyth content ecosystem. Titan met with internal leadership, interviewed product SMEs across the organization, and collected collect data and supporting content from other credible research sources.

As the brand relaunch evolved, the copy team meticulously edited each piece to Wyth brand standards and ensured any client feedback or new material was integrated into the pieces. Throughout the entire project, Titan ensured the Wyth team would have fewer touchpoints and less worries as they also juggled other priorities for the brand relaunch. 

The content ecosystem was fully launched as an integral component of the new site. And with carefully crafted content, Wyth was able to get more out of the work — highlighting the thought-leadership pieces from product pages to create a better customer experience that would keep users on-site, learning more about the value of Wyth, and building trust with its network.


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