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Titan ONE joins International E3 Agency Network

E3Toronto, Canada, May 4, 2023 – Strategic brand marketing agency Titan ONE has joined the global E3 Network to expand its service footprint for integrated strategy and GTM initiatives beyond the US and Canada. As the only Canadian agency in E3, Titan will also offer Canadian and U.S. market perspective and reach to global E3 member agencies. 

“As our business has grown and evolved, we’ve been working with an increasing number of global clients. The E3 network will allow us to take our brand and campaign work into new markets on their behalf, while we simultaneously help E3 agency members expand their client work into the US and Canada,” said Scott Lanaway, Managing Partner and Strategy Lead. “Our business is built around ‘connecting with purpose’ through integrated strategy, and it’s exciting to be able to widen our reach and service offerings to help bring that to life for our clients.” 

Titan ONE’s commitment to ensuring both its growing in-house team and roster of clients are aligned around creating authentic, human marketing was also attractive to E3’s membership committee. “We strive to bring together top talent in international branding, advertising and marketing communications agencies, while simultaneously encouraging diversity, synergy and collaboration. Titan ONE exemplifies these values in the work that they do,” said Jordan Audenaert, President, E3 and Managing Partner of Belgium-based member agency BBC.

“Connecting with other independent agencies with proven track records — and with whom we have that critical values alignment — is exciting. The ‘independent’ part is key, as well, because it means complete freedom to recommend and do what’s right for clients. We can’t wait to share and learn with this incredibly diverse group that is doing amazing work around the world,” said Mark Glucki, Managing Partner, Titan ONE.

About Titan ONE
Titan ONE is an integrated strategic agency partner that helps our clients generate authentic, relevant, measurable connections with prospects, customers and employees through brand and campaign strategy and execution, integrated content, human-centered creative, PR, media planning and marketing automation. Founded in 1996, we surface purpose in everything we do to build brands and drive growth.

About E3
E3 is an international network of independent brand strategy and communication agencies. Our cultural knowledge and vast range of skills give efficient access to the right talent for international challenges. This enables E3 clients to meet their brand and sales growth objectives for each of their geographical markets in a simplified, effective and unified way. Local and global, just the way our clients want and need it, helping to accelerate their time-to-market considerably.

Formed in 1978, E3 is an established international network of independent brand strategy and communication agencies, comprising 26 member agencies and over 1700 marketing professionals. By facilitating cross-border collaboration and sharing knowledge, E3 helps member agencies to better meet their clients’ global marketing goals, whilst also improving cultural knowledge, technical skills and creativity amongst agency personnel. 

For more information contact:

Titan ONE:  Derek Roldan, Accounts Director, Titan ONE.

E3:  Jordan Audenaert, President, E3.

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